Hanoi, Vietnam

I have had wonderful food during my voyage. A change. Rice every day. And fruit. Fresh fruit. So, to slowly adjust, I continue with Asian kitchen. Today´s lunch was curry chicken. I miss the spicy food, all the fresh vegetables. I suppose, living in Asia, would be paradise for Jamie Oliver. I learnt that food industry put a lot of chemicals in the food to have people consume more food. That is why more people cultivate their own vegetables.

I have met a lot of people. Many nice chats. Excursions. It has not been a holiday on the beach. On the contrary. There is so much I wanted to see. I have read some, to better understand new countries. People, religion, culture, kitchen, languages et cetera.

My first encounter with Asia was Hanoi, Vietnam. And, my very first day there was with woman in focus, which I was recommended. Hanoi was a very romantic town. I liked it a lot. I went to see woman´s museum where I found this citation:

“Women have always played an important role in the defence of the Vietnamese nation. In 40AD the Trung sisters led the battle for independence against the Han Chinese”

When I talked with people from Vietnam the most frequently asked questions where if I was married, if I have any brothers and sisters, and finally, if I have children. What I do to support myself was not interesting at all. Family was, and is, everything that matter.

I searched for good photo moments. From one of the windows in the woman’s museum I found something that reminded me of Paris. France has been in Indochine for many decades, and that is reflected in eg architecture. I visited the prison after women´s museum. Scary.

It was very warm and vivid in Hanoi that very first evening. I was recommended to go to the Opera that I don´t regret. Vietnam has about 54 different ethnic groups of people and the show was representing that. Bambo, but no pandas were present in the show. Very skilled dancers.

So, today, Sunday, I am adjusting myself to Swedish climate. And I am getting back to exercise. There are many munks in Vietnam and Sri Lanka. They often walk to meditate, I learnt. But first, a cup of lovely Sri Lankan tea. From the beautiful highlands.

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