Happy beginning of 2016

Or “God fortsättning”. Couldn´t find the right expression in English. I have been very lazy for a few days. Just my favorite hobby. Long walks with my sweeties. I really don´t know why I like it. Fresh air. Clear your mind. Maybe catch a glimpse of a deer, fox or an elk. They are talking about beer where my parents live but I don´t believe the news. I have never heard of a bear so south of Sweden.

The weather has been cold, some snow and windy. Tippa and Lady like walks regardless of weather. At least Lady. Tippa is rather old so she prefers to stay at home. They are so sweet. So as you can see, not so much sun these days.

2016. A new year. I have been thinking of this year. One of my main focuses is to continue with sports. During these days I have had some extra goodies, so I have to be careful. Moreover, I feel a bit sad that education is nothing to be proud of in Sweden. But, I will use what I have learnt to continue to write. To protect internet freedom.

Sweden, to be honest, is a rather isolated country. There are so much happening around the world that I try to follow. A lot of people fighting for normal, basic life conditions. A lot of people trying to figure out what happiness is. I try to smile. I try to be happy within myself. To smile inside. And if my inside smiles, my outside smiles!

I help my parents with little things, so I made some cinnamon rolls for them. Tasty. A new year has begun.




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