I am found of classical music. I cannot deny that. Last night I went to such a beautiful concert at my adorable church. I had my eyes closed most of the time only concentrate on the music. It was perfect. A quartet (piano, cello and two violins). Beautiful music can make me shed a tear; and I did. I can sometimes get a little jealous of people working as professional musicians. When I grew up we had to play flute a year to learn how to read notes. Then we were allowed to learn how to play the piano. To be honest, I wasn´t that good to play the piano. I grew a lot when I got to high school. Where we had the teacher who learnt us so much about musicals. However, after her, I think she was my English teacher, we had another teacher who was totally dedicated to music. A lot of our teachers lived in Uppsala and traveled back and forth to Sala where I went to school.

This teacher from Uppsala learnt me how to make up my own music. That I don´t need notes, but can play by making up my own music. That made me grow a lot. Because then nobody could say that I play right or wrong. We have always had a piano at home so I have always played. But when I learnt to play by the ears with a grand piano that made me very eager to get a grand piano.

Every summer I worked at the cemetery. I sometimes went into church and played the piano to have a break. Very good acoustics. There was also a cembalo there, but the cembalo was only used every summer we finished school. I met a lot of people, and I don´t know, but they told me I have an interesting background. Something I didn´t understand. And still don´t because I am grown up where I am grown up. Of course, I had a lot of contacts with the priests living in the so called “priest house”. I helped them with everything during ceremonies. Somehow, they had heard about my interest in having a grand piano. They were about to move so they were interested in selling the grand piano to me. That was going to be my whole salary for my summer work. I thought, and I thought. I liked the idea a lot, but finally I decided to wait.

The priest house is very beautiful. And I like that there is a priest living there. Today, I  don´t know who is living there.

Yesterday I went for a delicious lunch. I had very good Röding with Mandelpotatis. It suits with my book I am writing. I am soon done with my editing. This has developed my Swedish a lot. I would like to have more words so that is the challenge. I use what I learnt when I was in France. A way of writing. The school in France was stricter compared to Sweden. Difficult to put words in right order, finding the right words, but somehow, that is  the beauty of languages. I must say that I love languages. Would like to learn more about where they derive from etcetera.

I woke up early this morning so I had a cup of the. I am still very fascinated by the stars. Mars is a little higher up in the sky. Still bright. But now there is a smaller star below Mars. I would like to know what star that is. Anyway, it is a fascinating constellation. Bright and beautiful, just outside my window. Good company!

So, now I will have a light, Swedish brunch (limpa med prickig korv, äggröra och sill). And of course, a cup of freshly made coffee! Weather today is just perfect.

Wish me good luck!



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