Saturday and Stockholm couldn’t be more lovely and beautiful. There is some sort of a special calm, like everybody would like to know: is this weather true, is it here to stay? I think I have written before that in Sweden we are very concerned about the weather. And no wonder why, after a struggling with winter we really deserve this. So I really enjoy. It is too good to be true.

I told you that I am now looking for a new job. So that will be my focus this weekend and onward. One of my main interests in life, think I told you before, is exercise. I like to run, but right now I need to get in better shape to start running. It is quite demanding for your knees. I have read quite a lot about how the body builds/refines eg mitocondrias etc. A lot of biochemistry is going on. Enhancement of the bodies own morphine: various endorfines. Makes you feel good!

Enjoy your weekend!


All my love from Anna



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