Hi again!

It is a beautiful day in Stockholm. A fresh day with a little snow. I would like to ski but not enough snow. You might have noticed that I follow the news as much as I can. I know countries where there is limited information. Étanche in French.

A new government was elected in Sweden a few months ago. It didn´t really work out so a new election was suggested in March next year. However, somehow, all political parties (there are eight political parties in Sweden to the best of my knowledge), ok, not everybody, cooperated for an agreement. To conclude, there will not be a new election, and in a way that is good because the government saves money. That is we, citizens. Tax payers.

I believe that it is important to follow political changes, because that affects your and my daily life. If one is not allowed to talk about politics and if you are not allowed to make jokes about politics. I interpret that as a very dangerous situation. To make jokes about things is a way of dealing with life and events. I remember when I was in France that there was a special show about politics. A puppet show. Very good. There were jokes and in the same time at a high intellectual level. Clever and intelligent.

I miss a similar show in Sweden.

My analysis of politics in Sweden right now is that a new generation of people is growing. It is different from the generation after second world war. My parents generation. Times, possibilities, availabilities, life values have changed. This is the political challenge. To understand this and understand how to deal with it.

Ok. I just felt that I had to write. Because I like my country a lot. And I feel that there are political decisions that may affect future life a lot. In a bad way.

All for now. I will continue to write my book. I have some candles lit, a cup of the and English fruit cake in front of me. My life right now in a nutshell. See you tomorrow!

Lots of love from Anna

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