Sometimes I just need to rest for a while to find new inspiration. So my life has consisted a lot about work and sleep. No exercise, but soon, again…
It is rather warm in Sweden. Summer. Soon a year ago I started to write in public. I remember I didn’t know what my writing would turn out to. I have written a few poems and I will write more but right now I just gather new energy for more writing. When I write I need to have a feeling for writing.

I also think about my theoretical pharmacology. When time is ready I will continue. I think a lot about if there is a balance between Dopamine and Acetylcholine. Like Yin and Yang. Nature works best in balance? Today dopamine stabilizing agents are in clinical practice. Agonist and antagonist working in balance. Here, again, balance is crucial. Logically, there could be agents stabilizing muscarinic and nicotinic receptors.

Opposites attracts! Like plus and minus give zero.

I have written quite a lot this year, almost like my memoires. I have studied a lot during years and I have felt that I need to share my interpretations (of Life).

Ok, all for now. Soon Midsummer in Sweden. The most celebrated weekend during the whole year.


Je t’embrasse,



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