Hi there!

Early morning and beautiful weather in Stockholm. I am soon off for work. Last night I did some work out. I am on a diet. But since I am exercising I cannot be completely on diet. That could be dangerous for the body. Maybe I am too disciplined right now (not so fun), but I need that to finally finish my novel and also to get into shape. You earn so much personally if you keep your body and mind in good health. I have always exercised more or less in period. It is important to emphasize that you lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing diabetes etcetera. And maybe the most important –  you keep your brain active.

I like sports a lot. Last weekend I went swimming. That was fun. I longed so much for the feeling of making a dive. Ultimate feeling of freedom. I have had many friends throughout life. Close friends. Time passes. You get a new direction in life. Deviating a little from previously. Meet new friends. I am very happy to have so many friends. Even though we don´t spend so much time together, you are still my friends. I am a little curious about what new friends I will meet in the future.

Je vous souhaite une bonne journée!

Des bisous,






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