As you can see I have started to write about what I talked about recently. An interview. I need some time to reflect, and I will answer.

I went for training tonight. Today was one of those days when I wasn´t perfectly in shape. Think it depends on the weather. However, it is good to go exercising anyway. You just have to lower the threshold. It is just good for the body to raise the blood pressure for a while. To make the heart stronger. I also had one of these huge chocolate craving days. Terrible. Horrible. But so good.

I thought of Horrace Engdahl today. There is a lot about literature in media today. Since I write on my book I find it interesting. It has taken a lot of time, a lot of work to write what I write today. To find my own way of writing. To not write straight forward, but to write straight forward.

I have thought a lot about London today. Don´t know why. Maybe because my book is making a tour to London. I have been there several times, and now I try to remember how it was. I like London a lot. Such a busy town. Good shopping and very nice museums. However, English countryside is beautiful. Very beautiful. Again, I like the contrast between countryside-town.


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