Hi again!

Yes, it is true. I have never had this urge for writing before. A new time in life. A new view of life. Maybe.

I read a lot about violations in the media. A lot of people in Sweden remember what happened in Sweden in the early 1990’s.

I like to make my own analysis about things. Today the world is different compared to; yes it is more than 20 years ago, when Russian submarine visited Sweden. The biggest change in the world, according to my opinion, is the introduction of the computer and the internet. You can really talk about IT revolution. That is the modern submarine.

I remember that at high school I wrote a project about Laser. A technique that, at that time, was to eg transfer a lot of digital information. And that is true today, we sure live in a digital society. With or without Laser. It is about how, how fast, how much information we can transfer and process.

Personally, I now live with the life philosophy that our society is transparent. That is, whatever I write or say, I must be able to stand up for. Privacy is something rare in a digital society. In a good and a bad sense.

Now to something completely different, but much more interesting, maybe.

My love life has been a disaster for several years now. But I have accepted. You have to “gilla läget”. A Swedish expression in Swedish military. That is life sometimes. Not to search for something in the future, but to find life today and right now. I write. And I like writing. That is my way of living a life right now. I look back in life, but I am very careful about future. Right now, I focus on Christmas time.

I have promised to publish my book in 2015, so I have a lot of work to do. I dubble work. But I like both my jobs very much.

See you soon and take care,

all my love from anna


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