Hi again!

Weekends pass so quickly. Don’t you agree? Listened to a very skilled organist this afternoon, Kira Lankinen playing Bach. So beautiful music. What would life be without classical concerts?

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week. And almost a new month. I have been thinking what I would like to do the rest of this autumn and winter. To find LOVE is my biggest project. And that is not easy. I don’t think I can search for love. I just have to trust destiny. I am so naive that I think love some day will cross my way and overwhelm me. I am prepared to wait. Meanwhile I will write my book. I am not in a hurry so it will be a good story. I have many ideas.

This weekend I stopped by a boutique for dogs to find out information about daycare for dogs. Unfortunately I finish work too late so they close before I get home. But luckily I see Lady and Tippa from time to time. Sweeties.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite


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