Hi diary and friends,

Begin work a little later today. Cloudy and rainy day. I like to follow the news and right now Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt are in New York attending meetings at United Nations. Hope to see reports on TV.    Havn’t seen any yet.

Peace processes are very important. In this regard I think it is crucial to remember the importece of economics. After world war two, a first step was taken to build  (carbon and steel union) what today is the European Union. This summer Croatia achieved the goals of becoming a member. Today 28 countries support peace and stability in Europe and thereby also contribute to peace to the rest of the world. The greatest challenge for UN today is to negotiate for the people in Syria, still suffering a lot. And they need some speed now. People are dying.

When I visited New York I went to see Wall street which I didn’t know was so close to ground zero. Have very strong memories of horror but also a feeling that life has to move on even though terrorist attacks try to affect our lives. One way is to support fairtrading.

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