Hi everybody!

Long time ago since I wrote in English. It is a little strange, but I have been more or less forced to write in Swedish to be able to write in good Swedish. Bizzare, how my brain works. Now I am almost ready with the editing of my book. However, I have to read it several times before I submit. I really long for sending, but the details make a good book. But also, spending time with auntie makes me think in English.

A lot of things happen all over the world. I read about refugees. Imagine, what will the situation be in hundred years?

I am very happy about “Tjejmilen”. Many women tributing to a good world. Now I am looking forward to “Hässelbyloppet”. I have run it before, five years ago, and remember it was very cold but a beautiful day.

Tonight I treated myself by eating “out”. I went to Grodan and had a very good salad. Yammi. Since I live alone I have to treat myself. It is good for me that autumn/winter soon is here. I have had too much ice cream but I enjoy it a lot. Makes life spicy and tasty.

Since I don´t have time for traveling I remember some. Photo above is from Cuba.

Sleep tight,



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