Hi friends!

I don’t know how many people are reading this. According to statistics, there are only a few. I am very happy to write. Write about life and what´s going on. Today has been an ordinary day. Rather chilly. Yesterday, I wrote on my book and I realized that it is a job. Although fun.

When I studied at Uppsala University I took some extra courses. I had doubts about what I wanted to work with after finishing my studies. I learnt about transplantation biology. It was so interesting. A mixture of ethics, biology, pharmaceutical products. In summary, life. That has been my main interest in life. To understand. Try to understand the un-understandable. I remember that the first heart-transplantation was made in South Africa in the 1960’s I think.

I am very happy to have my book to focus on. A lot of work, but it makes me happy. I promised two poems in my book. One of them is almost written.


Des bisous,



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