Espanglish. I like this word. I have always been interested in languages. How words originate. Many words comes from Greek. A few weeks ago I learnt that ambulance is Greek. For me, listening to different languages is like tasting tapas. I can taste a word. Like Espanglish. Cuttle. Puppie. Silence. Harmony.

I very rarely use bad language. If I use, someone has provoked me. Som man sier på norsk, “det kan klicka før en”. This expression is Norwegian, and it means that you get angry. At least in Østfold. I don’t like bad language. But people like to provoke. I think one reason is because… What do you think? Why do people like to hurt somebody? Is that human? For me that is not human behavior. Behave!

This week I have listened to a lot of Spanish. It is music for me. To listen to a language that I don´t understand. Find a few words that I know. And feel the joy of at least understanding Patatas Bravas. Tastes lovely 😉

Enjoy your Sunday,

Je vous embrasse, Anna

PS. La foto de arriba es de un paseo ayer por la noche con amigos españoles



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