Tonight I needed to go for yoga (stretch) to embed all impressions from my Berlin journey.  It was a wonderful trip, to summarize. I left Friday night and the flight brought me to Munich where I had to change planes to go to Berlin. It was my first real encounter with Berlin and Germany. The airport was very close to the city where I stayed, in Mitte. I lived nearby the famous Friedrichstrasse that crosses Checkpoint Charlie were east and west meet.

I have captured some photos. These images are like art for me, a way to express emotions, I think. I have learnt to travel alone and that means that I sometimes have to ask for help with photos. So, photos of me are taken by unknown photographers. And vice versa, I help them.

I felt rather captured. Not knowing German. I couldn´t read newspapers, only watch TV, but I think I learnt some words. All people I talked to were very friendly and there was an international atmosphere. The area where I stayed was rather new, but anyway, I got a feeling that there must have been a history before these buildings. History is not easy to understand because the writer can shape history. But, anyway, what is wrong with that if it is a happy ending?

I like to walk to get to know a new city. People, cafés, German kitchen, ambiance etc. And, honestly, I am lousy at reading maps so I often end up at places I never knew about. However, first, I went to Pariser Platz and Brandenburger Tor, close to the German Reichstag. Sharing some photos and I will continue to write some.

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