Integrated pharmacology

Theoretical pharmacology. I have always liked to study at different libraries. In Uppsala it was very nice to study at Carolina Rediviva. Beautiful ambience. Inspiration. It was also very nice to meet friends over a cup of coffee to discuss various issues. Do we really need to learn all this by heart? Etcetera. I also went to a very unknown library in Uppsala. Few people new about it so it was very good to stay there when I needed discipline. I will not reveal what library it was… In Stockholm I have found this lovely library. Gives a lot of inspiration. Yes, I am so boring…

Yes. Theoretical pharmacology.

I don´t know why but I think I need to underline the importance of top-down pharmacology. Or integrated pharmacology. What you see in vitro may be completely different in vivo. Very clear cut studies in vitro can be completely different in vivo. Because in vivo you have so many biological systems orchestrating your body functions. But for me it is important to have the whole view. That is, you collect evidence from molecule to behavior-physiological changes. Based on results your gut feeling tells you where to move on. However, to be able to develop new pharmaceutical drugs you need a strong effect. Like in the famous experiments by Professor Arvid Carlsson where reserpine treated rabbits “woke up” after L-DOPA administration. That is the fairy tale of the monoamines. Simplicity is beautiful.


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