Internet freedom

Today is my day. Annan dag påsk. I have huge problems with hackers. I suppose these are attacks by nerds, not having anything else to do but to destroy. Get a life.

I work on my book. Almost finished. This is the first time I write a novel or a roman. Don´t really know what it is called. I like my book a lot. During this time, I have learnt that it must be difficult to be an author. When I write I must be in a certain mood. I like to give a sense to what I write. If you are a professional writer you have to write all the time. I cannot do that. I don´t have that skill.

I am still at my parents house. My sweetest has been subjected to an attack. Her fur is cut so I do not recognize my sweetie. She is unrecognizable but her hair will grow back. Jack Russel fur should be picked, not cut. The hairdresser know that. So they did this on purpose. Why do people want to destroy?

I helped my parents to make some cinnamon rolls for their coffee. Something sweet for coffee. Fika. That is really Swedish. To have coffee or the with something sweet.

Ok. I show you this cinnamon roll picture to tempt you to make a cake or something today. Or, why not waffles? I will make that for lunch!

By the way, do you know what con is in French?


Wishing you a very pleasant day!


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