I am rather excited after yesterday. So much snow! I went to the countryside because I help my parents with various things and I also like to be outdoors with my sweeties. There is no longer any buses to where they live. I don´t know what kind of messages local politicians give because this is clear: you should not live in the countryside but move to cities.

There was so much snow. However, no skiing this weekend, probably next weekend if it is a little colder. I don´t like to go skiing if the snow gets stuck under your skis. But, I got very good exercise. Running in snow! I actually learnt that once at “Gärdet” in Stockholm several years ago. I would never have though of doing that, but it is possible and gives a lot of exercise. It is also good for training balance. In addition, I did some walking with sweetie. She just loves being outdoors. This time she hunted some deers, barking.

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