L.A. Law

Yes, it is true. I always watched all episodes in L.A. Law when I grew up. I liked the court scenes when the lawyers defended. Rhetoric is very good in several scenes. I suppose I liked L.A. Law because there is a sense of right and wrong. To act with moral and judgement. I liked the people and the different characters very much. I also liked little house on the prairie, but that I´ll tell you more about at another occasion.

Today I met my mentor Professor Jörgen Engel. He is still active in research within addiction. It was very nice to catch up because it was several years ago since we met. We talked a little about our ethnical backgrounds. I have some Indian background, and he is Jewish.  I told him that a woman, today living in Germany, has contacted my father. She has lived at the house where I grew up during second world war. She is jewish. I sent her a picture and she was very relieved to see the house. I imagine that it brings back a lot of memories.

Of course, Jörgen asked what I do in life. And my answer was that I work, write and exercise. Yes, that is my life in a nutshell. Right now, my book is going through a very sad chapter. So sad, that I must find a happy ending. I like happy endings, don´t you?


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