Dear diary. Today has been a very beautiful day. A little different from usual. Weather has been wonderful. Beautiful day, autumn day. I have worked on my book. I have thought about my background and the fact that I have been very discriminated in my own country where I am grown up. My way to handle this has been to not to think to much about it. I have focused on my own life and I have tried to work on what I want to do with my life.

Lappish people are considered as “zigenare” in Sweden. At least according to a medical doctor (MD) I have talked to. I have thought a lot about what this, so called, MD told me. It says a lot about herself. In France I learnt a word “pejorative”. That is exactly what described what this MD is talking about. She puts herself higher than other humans. This is not ok. At an intellectual level it is awkward how she considers herself.

I always treat people with respect, if I get respect. That is very sound and should be mutual. I don´t think lappish people in north part of Sweden know what Sweden is turning into. I don´t think they understand that 17th century still exists. Where lappish people are put into cold water until they do what the Swedish government tell them what to do. This is today. This is true. Human beings should be treated with equal rights. This is not Sweden today. Maybe it will not be. Maybe we just have to accept that this is todays society.

That is why I choose to spend time on my own. Because I am discriminated due to my lappish background. My next thing to do is to make “lappskojs”. That is something I often had for lunch at school in Enåker but I never liked it but I had it anyway.

Sweden is indeed in need of integration. Sweden and Lappland are still two very different countries.

I am still resting a little and soon maybe, I will pick up running again. Perhaps tomorrow. The evening is beautiful and I share here with you some photos from todays walk with my sweetest, sweetest darlings.


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