Late evening and a busy day

Hi there! Finally I can write something. I needed time to reflect on what I wrote last time. I have thought about lots of memories from Uppsala and it was very good for my book. I am almost ready with it, just need to read it again and again. Change some sentences, find better words etc. It will be a “feel good and sometimes feel sad book”.

Today has been, according to me, the very first day of autumn. I planned to run today so I had to have a look at the weather forecast yesterday. And they were right! Rain during the day and better weather during evening. Perfect. I am better now with some stretching after exercise so I went for a Yoga class. Need to save my muscles. In summary, tonight I had 2,5 hours training for both body and soul.

I don´t know why but during this week I thought about a friend I had in Uppsala and once we made cakes together. It was an easy recipe, but I remembered that I was very impressed. So tonight I tried to make the cakes. And it was not easy! They are for christmas, but I think they are good tonight as well. Actually, I don´t want to look forward right now. But I know Christmas is soon here so I better get prepared. Already October! Gaaah!

Ok, all for tonight. Long time ago since I made cakes at home. I have missed it.



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