To laugh makes your life happier. I like to laugh. That prolongs your life I’ve heard. I haven’t searched but I imagine there are a lot of studies supporting that it is good to laugh. Release of endogenous endorphines etc.

In Sweden it is not really appropriate to laugh, so to be honest, I laugh quite a lot when I am at home. Reading makes me laugh. And that makes me feel good. It is very rare, but sometimes I am almost unstoppable.

I suppose my laugh is a way of dealing with life. Life can be very difficult sometimes. My way of dealing with the fact that I had cell changes. I am soon going to make the final test. To this end, I gave a symbolic amount of money to cancer fund/research and that made me feel good.

I have started to travel again. I am soon going to London and that makes me feel good. I have been bad at treating myself good. So, that makes me smile. A lot.



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