Lazy Friday evening

No pharmacology writing tonight. It is Friday. I have been lazy writing, but that is because I don´t have much news to write about. Ok, I am boring sometimes. I feel ashamed about that. I admit.

Maybe I am boring because I focus very much on the Woman´s health running. I am in rather good condition but I would like to do the best I can. I am heading at a time about 2 hours. From today, I have two months.  The biggest challenge is that it is snow, cold and dark. This weekend I was going to run but since there is quite a lot of snow, I will go skiing. I think. Let´s find out tomorrow.

I must admit that I am very jealous of professional skiers, runners etc. That is why I sometimes follow sports TV news. So tonight I just recover. Waiting for tomorrow. What will weather be like?


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