Le matin

Bonjour mes amis. J’aimerais bien écrire en Français mais c’est trop compliqué. Bon, je continue en Anglais.

About two weeks ago I was very touched at breakfast time. Every morning when I had breakfast I had this wonderful view (vide infra). I did not know what star it was at first, but then I understood that it was Mars. It was so bright and beautiful and I had company for a week. Now I don´t see it any more. That makes me sad. I liked it.

Stars and planets are fascinating. Some religions believe a lot in stars and I know the constellation of the stars are very important for predicting future life. When I saw this I almost started to believe in stars. It was so beautiful and bright. So much energy. I got a lot of energy from that. And just a few days later I got my period so the attractions from the stars and planets are very strong. It is difficult to deny that the stars do not affect our planet. The tide is a perfect example.

Today I have French breakfast. Petit déjeuner (vide supra). Pain au chocolate, des croissants, du café etc. Pas mal. I like France a lot. I would like to practice French and I do as often as I get opportunity. I get a little sad because I miss my friends I made in Pau. I met people from the whole world. So I think of you today. Sometimes I read Le Figaro on the internet to stay in touch with French. A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to Professor Jean-Pierre Changeux because I wanted to learn about his vast knowledge on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. I will go to Paris again later if he responds.

Yesterday was a good day. But tuff. I went looking for some warmer clothes because it is cold now when I go training. I spent hours on searching. I think I have mentioned it before. I am actually not so found of shopping but sometimes I just have to. I have learnt that it is important to have breaks when shopping. So I had a cup of the at NK. I admit, this is really an industrial country problem.  However, finally, I found something to wear and I went for a run. Perfect material.

Je vous souhaite une bonne journée!



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