Let´s talk period

Why is it so difficult to talk about period? I don´t like talking about period, but today I challenge myself by talking period. Stepping out of comfort zones.

Period, period and period.

I remember the very first day I got my period. That was the same day as I started high school. I had a lot of pain and I didn´t know where the pain came from but I realized when I saw blood. Many things to think about at the same time. Starting high school. Meeting new teachers. Having new friends. Period. Not going by bicycle to school but to learn to travel by bus since I lived in the countryside. Many changes on the same day.

How did I know what period was? I think I got the information from my mother and auntie. They grew up in Tärnaby and nobody had told them anything so they wanted to tell me. But somehow, they had learnt what it was and how to handle it. And so did I. I think I talked period with my best friends. Because I remember I knew precisely what it was when I got it.

When I was about 20 years old I suffered from PMS. I still have some PMS but not as much as at that time. I was very tempted to learn more about PMS when I was going for PhD studies, but I ended up by studying brain reward systems. To learn about mechanisms of actions of alcohol and nicotine. From a biological point of view it is interesting to understand why you have PMS. Men must learn more about PMS to understand that there is a biological reason why women may change mood and become aggressive. To hamper environmental effects and conflicts. There are some pharmacological tools that can be used like certain serotonin re-uptake inhibitors and the vitamin B6 (Pyridoxin).

Today I have pain but I know where it comes from so it is just fine by knowing. So for me, today, it is just perfect to stay at home with pain (ok, I know there are painkillers 😉 ). To write and just accept the fact that I am a woman.

Wishing you a Happy Thursday!


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