Life, health and nature.

Honestly, I have been very tired of writing so I just needed a break. I write for fun. When I feel I have something to say. I don´t know how many people read this, but I know I have followers. So, hi to you! Hope you are fine.

It is also good to sometimes stop in life. To reflect. To pull yourself together. Ask yourself what you would like to do with your life. I got a little scared, I must admit. I have spent a lot of time writing without thinking of myself. Or rather, I have spent too much time with myself. Alone. I have learnt to be alone. Yes. It is true. That is something I had to learn.

When I started to write here my main focus was to write about life, health and nature. These are my main words in life. They are rather difficult and broad words. Important words. What do they mean to you?

This photo above is from my holiday. I love flowers. They make me feel good. That is why i share so many nature photos.

Stockholm is beautiful today. Warm. Pleasant.

Have a nice evening!

Lots of love from Anna

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