In the beginning of this week I went to Gothenburg. I have lived there for almost a decade so I have a lot of memories. Memories are interesting because they depend on time. Day after day you collect new memories and experiences. You keep them, and the interesting part is how you integrate past with the present. That is very interesting.

What I like most in Gothenburg is salty water. I always have. I remember I played a lot with crabs. Little crabs that you could catch by using clams to tease them with. Fun. A lot of fun. I was quite often in Gothenburg when I grew up. The ocean and Liseberg were frequently visited.

To revive some memories I walked and passed by some memories. It was a rainy day so a bad photo day. Not so many photos. However, I share some. Valand, close to Göteborg University. Haga filled with atmosphere. And, finally. Very pleasant. Saltholmen.

If it is rainy, you can often go to the sea were the sunshine is.


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