Middle of December

Dull weather today, and I must admit that I was tired when I woke up. Lots of cross country skiing on tv. Like that a lot but I have heard so much about Mall of Scandinavia so I went there today to start to have a look for christmas give aways. Maybe also because I have thought a lot about sweet auntie. I remember the first time I was in the US and she took us to all shopping malls. I remember I was astonished because everything was open 24 hours. Shopping malls, including shopping, movie and sports like bowling, is not yet that common in Sweden; but here we go! It was very nice and relaxing.

Honestly, I didn´t shop anything, I just had a look to find out what to give to my family. Always difficult. But a lot of fun. It does´t have to cost much, it is the thought that counts. So, since I didn´t shop I went for a brunch buffé. Very American. So this weekend has been dedicated to sweet auntie.

Now I am off for some training. After this very good brunch I definitely need to get rid of some pounds.

All the best!


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