I am very happy to live so close to such beautiful churches. Yesterday, I did not work so much. I went to church, went for a run and listened to an organ concert. I suppose a lot of people wonder why I do this, but it is somehow to meditate for me. To find piece and harmony. I love music. Or rather, my brain loves music. That is a way to meditate. Since I am single and live alone I need to make the best out of my life. Little life. I like little life a lot. I have had nun life for almost four years. So of course, I went for confession yesterday.

My book touches upon life, death and religion. Special emphasis is on life. It is actually very difficult to write about it because this is my point of view today, but I know that this may change. Life experience change what you believe in. Or maybe should´t believe in. Actually, I don´t know.

Hässelbyloppet takes a lot of time. More than I thought. It takes three hours every day. I follow every day to see weather forecast. Hope Sunday will be as beautiful as today. I like my new running clothes.

Today I am having American breakfast. I thought a lot about sweet auntie yesterday. She has no children but she is very happy she has such a sweet American family. So today I have American breakfast. Isn´t there a movie called “Breakfast at Tiffany´s?”

Have a sweet day!




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