Time for next work 📖

Lady was my very true companion through writing my book “Generationer”. Today Lady is no longer with me, and I have to look forward. This will be Molly´s book. Behind the books “Generationer” and “Tid för frihet” there are so many hours, days, and years.

It is time to look forward, and I feel like writing a book again. Five years later! I have a theme figured out, and I will continue with Instagram. A picture indeed says more than a thousand words. It will be exciting, adventurous, developing, and challenging. Like keeping climbing a cliff.

This is a very old hotel I am staying at. Comanche has been here for centuries. Presidents have stayed here and I found this old paper from 2009 (see above), when former President Carter was at St Croix. The sun is shining, and there is a lot of inspiration in the air. I am continuing to do sports. Went for a refreshing swim yesterday.

I am beginning my new book here at Comanche. During my five years off writing a book, I have worked on my Diary. Do not hesitate to help me further with different angles of my writing. Opposition is one of the best ways, of moving forward.

Stay safe and stay tuned 🐾

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