Old town, Stockholm

Tuesday. Grey and cold weather. Chilly. I need lights. A cup of tea and candle lights make me feel good. I am trying to get into Berlin mood. It is a little exciting since I don´t know much about Berlin. Or Germany. I went to Old town in Stockholm this afternoon. If I remember right a lot of Germans were in Stockholm at the medieval ages. A lot of trade. “Hansa trade”.  The Hanseatic League. Will fly with Lufthansa, so maybe that name derives from trading times. Boats at that time, flights today.

I am learning a new world. Photography. Unfortunately, I had to find a new camera. I like pictures a lot and that has become a part of my life. Photos is a way of expressing emotions, I think. Everything is so high tech right now so it is just to accept and learn. However, I definitely agree that technology has developed life a lot even thought I am a old fashioned. So, hopefully, you will enjoy better and sharper photos!

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