Once upon a time…

…there was a woman who wanted to tell her story. She had a lot, a lot to tell but something made her shut her mouth. She didn´t know much about life. She had read forbidden literature. Her life was endangered. She was frightened. She didn´t know what scared her, so could she be scared if she didn´t know who wanted to wound her?

I have always liked fairytales. My favorite book when I was little was stories by “Grimm brothers”. I remember when I was seven years old; started school when I was six years old. I had just learnt how to read books and I had found a big, old book at the school´s library. It was such an old book. You could even feel from the smell that it was an old book. It was a huge book with a lot of stories, so it was easy to read. I don´t know why but I especially remember that I read it when I had breakfast. The stories were so exciting so I could´t let go of the book. But I had to, because I had to go to school.

I remember a story about a woman being kidnapped and put into a cage with no access to the outer world. She was kept as a prisoner for a long time. No one saved her, or thought of her, but she could finally save herself by talking sweet to the guard. It took a long time to take care of her wounded soul and body. She didn´t know what to believe about life. Is life, or maybe man, this cruel?

I still like fairytales a lot. All the stories have helped me to build a stable life platform. I remember a picture from my childhood that still is in my mind that nobody can take away from me. A girl sitting by a lake in a John Bauer forest. I share this picture with you today. You can make up your own picture.

I have a simple breakfast today. I am thinking of what a Swedish breakfast is. I will show you what I am grown up with. That is a daily life breakfast and a brunch for weekends. There are so many versions of Swedish breakfasts.

This is all from me today. I admit that I have been lazy writing. It is more fun to write here.  However, my next book will be much easier to write. My biggest challenge is to find proper Swedish. I feel embarrassed that I write such bad Swedish.


Je vous embrasse,



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