I am back in Stockholm after two days in the countryside. I have realized that I am raised in a very conservative spirit. However, since I am forty years old I am mature and have realized a few things in life. Fundamental aspects.

The man should take care of her woman. In Sweden, the land of communism, woman is expected to take care of her man, children, work etc. This at a very low wage.

Imagine. What if woman is set all alone? What would she do? Nothing? Adjust to the mob? Join the communist party?

I have lived alone now for almost a decade. I have changed a lot during these years. This is very difficult for some people to accept. I do not understand why. I have a rather good education which is not good enough for Sweden, the mother of communism.

I would very much like to live together with a man. But since I have been hurt I am very careful.

Of course I feel a lot sorry for this. I think of my sisters. I know I have many sisters in the same situation as I am. So, I hope I can be of some support for future women generations.

I cannot stop thinking about the role of a man and a woman.

I am grown up in a very conservative environment. My father has always taken care of my mother, brother and  me. That is what counts. Family.

So important.

I take care of my parents and brother in my turn. This is so natural for me. It feels so, I don’t know what to say, but horrible to let my parents live elsewhere but at home.

I am so conservative and traditional.

But, let me put it this way. What would you be without your family? Relatives? I think you should ask yourself: what is important in your life?

This way of living is very common on south of Europe. I find it so sensible. Human.

Can you, please, give me some of your input?


Je t’embrasse,





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