Music Unites

This morning I listened to a program on the radio. It was about the conflict in Syria. Every day there is something said in the news about the war in Syria. I feel so sorry for all humans, living in very bad conditions. I wish I could do something. This war has been going on for a long time, years, and there are ongoing discussions on how to solve the conflict.

I wish there could be a music concert or something similar, where we could give our support. Where is Pavarotti and his friends?
Des bissous et bon weekend,


Hi friends!

Nice day today. And it has been promised that it will continue til Sunday. A bit tired so I will not write too much today, just a few words to stay in touch :-). Talked to my parents today (as I do every day) and Lady and Tippa were fine, but they get exhausted by the warmth. Important to have some extra fluid with minerals and salts to have electrolytes balanced. Have also followed the visit by President Obama on iPad. So successful meeting! Wonderful!

These photos are from early yesterday morning before President Obama arrived to Stockholm in Old town.

Many, many hugs from Anna