Hi friends!

I don’t know how many people are reading this. According to statistics, there are only a few. I am very happy to write. Write about life and what´s going on. Today has been an ordinary day. Rather chilly. Yesterday, I wrote on my book and I realized that it is a job. Although fun.

When I studied at Uppsala University I took some extra courses. I had doubts about what I wanted to work with after finishing my studies. I learnt about transplantation biology. It was so interesting. A mixture of ethics, biology, pharmaceutical products. In summary, life. That has been my main interest in life. To understand. Try to understand the un-understandable. I remember that the first heart-transplantation was made in South Africa in the 1960’s I think.

I am very happy to have my book to focus on. A lot of work, but it makes me happy. I promised two poems in my book. One of them is almost written.


Des bisous,



Hej vänner!

Igår lyssnade jag på Alzheimerdagen vid Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet i Stockholm. Det var ett väl komponerat program där vetenskap blandades med sång, humor och allvar. Många professorer, däribland Agneta Nordberg som återigen påminde om betydelsen av tidig diagnostik. Något som är värt att poängtera är att man bör fokusera på friskfaktorer. Inte bara riskfaktorer. Vilka är dina friskfaktorer?

Fångade denna bild (se ovan) av Aula Medica. Gillar kontrasten där gammalt möter nytt. Påminner om pyramiden på gården vid Louvren i Paris. Det blir på något sätt en förening som mynnar ut i nutida.

Idag skall jag ägna mig åt att skriva på min novell. Fick ett fint uppslag igår till nästa bok. Om det blir en nästa bok så kommer jag att ägna den åt minnets värld.

Ha en bra dag!



Bonjour mes amis!

Time is so difficult to understand. The feeling of time. Sometimes, time feels like all oceans on earth. Sometimes, time feels like it does´t even exist. A big challenge in life, at least for me, is to make a balance between both extremes. That is why I just like to spend a Friday evening at home doing nothing. Have something good to eat, talk with family, watch tv, listening to music. Collect new energy. Be present.

One of my interests is to catch moments in life when I walk. The above photo is from one of my walks. This summer has been unusually warm in Sweden, and the good weather is actually still present. Now when it has become a little chilly, it is easier to exercise. Not only walks.

I have told you that my mother suffers from Alzheimers disease. This is a disease that affects the family a lot. It takes a lot of energy. My opponent when I defended my thesis was Professor Agneta Nordberg. She is actually both a physician and a pharmacist. She has very good knowledge in Alzheimers Disease and dementia diseases in general. She has helped to introduce new tools for early diagnosis in Alzheimers disease. You can actually see, by using various imaging techniques (eg PET), how the brain undergoes changes. If accurate diagnosis is established at an early stage, pharmacological treatment can be introduced to hamper the memory loss symptoms.

My feeling today is that we have quite a lot of information how to hamper the dementia symptoms. There is always an interaction between environment and the body/brain. For instance, simple tasks like listening to music, make a cake, caress a dog or cat, increases the brain activity, and thereby also the resistance for further development of the disease.

There are a lot of scientific studies supporting the view that pharmacological treatment has the best turnout in combination with social support.

I have been in contact with Professor Agneta Nordberg during summer. She sent me some literature to read with special regard to Alzheimers disease. On Monday I will attend a symposium where dementia diseases are in focus. I am looking forward to meet Agneta and also to listen to the political debate. Politicians have a lot to do when it comes to helping families to support a difficult role. It is a tragedy to watch a family member change. This is not how we would like to remember a family member. At least I care.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend with lots of love,




Today has been a lovely day in Stockholm. Rather warm. Sunny. Autumn is approaching but, luckily, a little late. I like nice weather and warmth. There is governmental election in Sweden today, so of course I have voted.

A few years ago I promoted chocolate for Anthon Berg. I like fairtrade and I like the values Anthon Berg stands for. I am grown up with Anthon Berg, especially the tasty Marsipan bars, so it was an easy decision for me to promote.

Please, visit the website www.anthonberg.se

You know that I like history, and the history of chocolate is well described. Interesting historical journey.

Sweet moments to you!




Hi friends!

Indian summer. So nice weather. I have told you that I have travelled some alone. I mean, since I don´t have a man I must take care of myself and not just stay at home. So a few years ago I went to lovely Cuba. That was when I moved back from Norway to Sweden. Pharmacies had been owned by the state in Sweden. To the best of my knowledge, Cuba, North Korea and Sweden are the only countries with pharmacies owned by the state. I was a little worried that I wash´t going to meet any people during my journey. But I did. I got many new friends.

Sometimes it is good to put things in perspective so of course I had to go to a pharmacy. Please see the photo above. They were very busy helping a lot of customers but I got this photo. Nice colleges!

Ok, all for tonight.


Des bisous,