Summary of some lazy days

I have had a wonderful opportunity to stay in the country side for some days. Weather has been splendid and take note that I don´t exaggerate. Even though I must admit that the rain tonight was a feeling of relief since it is getting very dry. But fortunately, from what I understand, there will be a good harvest this autumn. At least in this region.

What else? The other night I was invited for dinner. A BBQ party in a beautiful garden; delicious food with nice company – thank you 🙂 It will really stay as a very nice memory. And when I returned home in the dusk I saw a grand rabbit crossing the road and a couple of roe deers jump up in the fields. Just like in a fairytale.

Sweet dreams,



Hi friends!

Since this is my very first time writing here, it will be a little like a Dogma film, although, here meaning a “Dogma way of writing”.

A year ago I started, a bit reluctant, to use Facebook. However, because some of my friends don´t use this nice social media, I have come up with this website to stay in touch.

Life passes quickly.

My intention is to share a bit of my life and some thoughts. And sometimes this site will be my “Speaker´s corner”.

Lots of love,