Our community

In a few weeks there is election in Norway, and in a year we will have governmental election in Sweden. I am very interested in our society. I think everybody agrees upon that we want earth to be a place where everybody can live in peace and harmony.

To achieve that may not be easy, but I am convinced that it is possible and that needs cooperation. I work as a pharmacist and I feel very happy that I have that possibility. It gives me satisfaction to help people to better health. That is my way to cooperate to a better world.

I know that the Swedish government fight a lot to create new jobs to people. I am proud that we have elected this government because I am sure that it would have been higher unemployment otherwise. Proud to feel that we have strong economics in Sweden.

Why do I think of this when I have a day off? Every day I follow the news. I am curious about what happens throughout the world, because that affect us. I have also always been interested in meeting new people from all parts of the world. To learn how life and culture can be different. People are different and we need to understand and accept that.

Tonight’s news also promised that there will be debate on use of alcohol. Since I have done research on neurobiological mechanisms involved in alcohol dependence it is interesting to follow discussions. Here, to the best of my knowledge, I think there is a big gap from what we know of abuse/dependence and politics. So, I hope results from research will turn more into practice. We have a lot of knowledge that we don’t use, unfortunately.

Sweet dreams,


A delicious break

I am back in Stockholm after a mini weekend in the country side. Since it is the time for crawfish in Sweden we tasted very good seafood. I have lived many years in Göteborg, situated on the west (best 😉 ) coast of Sweden, so it reminds me of sea & salt. So fresh!

And as usual, a walk with sweet Lady. I couldn´t tempt Tippa to go with us this time. She found better offers. The picture above shows that it will be a good harvest this autumn, and that is good!

Take care,


Trade Alliance!

I am so happy to learn that President Obama soon will pay a visit in Stockholm.

Immediately, I thought about a journey I did to New York a few years ago, all by my self. Even though I am single I have decided that being alone cannot stop me from traveling since I love to explore and meet new people.

I visited many places during my stay in New York. What I remember most are two places. First, a day tour I made to Staten Island. It was a beautiful day with blue sky, perfect for a boat tour. I remember I was so eager to see Statue of Liberty. A gift from France to USA. Seen it so many times on TV. I spent quite a lot of time on the island just to really keep a good feeling of that moment in my mind.

What I didn´t know before the visit was that there is a museum about immigrants. We have had very poor times in the 19th century in Sweden so a lot of people immigrated to the USA.

It was such a nice museum. Beautiful photos so you could really get a feeling of how it was at those days. So tuff to go to a new country. Not knowing the language, no place to live, how can I support my family etc. But you knew that it could get you a better life. Hope.

Another day I went to the headquarters of the UN. I was curious. I went for a guided tour and our group represented people from all over the world. We all had the same curiosity. And we asked a lot of questions to the “knowing many languages good looking guide” who had very good answers. We ended the visit at the grand hall where all the important decisions are made. After the visit, I felt that I had made something good, just to visit the United Nations. Because that is us.

This is supposed to be a diary where I tell what I did today. But some of my days are memories and today is one of those days.

Sweet dreams,


…some reflections

I have worked with pharmaceuticals my whole grown up life from various aspects. My main interests when I was in high school was science, especially biology, chemistry and physics. Since we lived in the country side there was not much to do but study. When I applied for the university I knew I wanted to help to develop new pharmaceutical drugs to improve peoples lives.

Today, school in Sweden is very different compared to when I studied. Now, when I look back I feel that I have been very lucky. I have always felt freedom to not be restricted to a particular area. Of course, you still have that freedom.

Even though I am interested in science, it doesn´t mean that I don´t like other subjects such as learning different languages, history etc. I believe that it is important to know about these areas to be able to communicate science. In my spare time I try to learn more about history. I am convinced that you need to know history to understand different cultures and people. Sometimes it takes generations to finally move on to something new. Memories over generations are not always good.

“Sometimes you have to look back, to be able to move on in the future”

Sweden is a country in peace since more than two centuries; so we have a little burden compared to many other countries in the world.

I guess, a reason why I am interested in reading, is to understand a little about life. But of course, I love to practice life! And that must be life experience?

Have a beautiful day!

Many hugs from Anna