True summer

After celebrating midsummer, summer has really arrived and is her to stay for at least two months. Finally. I have had three days off that have passed by rapidly, and I have been busy with my family and also with my sweetie. I have also thought a lot about my mother. Life comes into a new perspective when somebody so close passes away.

I am very happy since I have something to look forward to, namely “tjejmilen”. And I am so glad that I will have company. Two colleagues of mine will join. So this weekend I spent time training as well, not only socialising. Eight kilometers running and then walk with sweetie. Always very eager to go for walks.

This evening’s writing is short. I am a bit tired of computers since I have had trouble with the internet, but now it is up and running again.

I had a few summer photos this weekend. Sharing my joy of staying with my sweetie. She is so spoiled. But she is worth it. I like to do a lot of training, but health is also about what you eat. Later, I will share some about my cooking.

My alter ego

Stockholm is tropical this evening which is rare for midsummer. Some rain drops now and then. It has been a busy week, but I have had some time for friends in the evening. Italian food and chats. Delicious food and nice “tête-à-tête talks”. Tomorrow is midsummer, and I really have to stop and breathe. Understand that we actually are in the best time of the year. By these words I wish you a Happy Midsummer weekend.