Time for next work 📖

Lady was my very true companion through writing my book “Generationer”. Today Lady is no longer with me, and I have to look forward. This will be Molly´s book. Behind the books “Generationer” and “Tid för frihet” there are so many hours, days, and years.

It is time to look forward, and I feel like writing a book again. Five years later! I have a theme figured out, and I will continue with Instagram. A picture indeed says more than a thousand words. It will be exciting, adventurous, developing, and challenging. Like keeping climbing a cliff.

This is a very old hotel I am staying at. Comanche has been here for centuries. Presidents have stayed here and I found this old paper from 2009 (see above), when former President Carter was at St Croix. The sun is shining, and there is a lot of inspiration in the air. I am continuing to do sports. Went for a refreshing swim yesterday.

I am beginning my new book here at Comanche. During my five years off writing a book, I have worked on my Diary. Do not hesitate to help me further with different angles of my writing. Opposition is one of the best ways, of moving forward.

Stay safe and stay tuned 🐾


Currently, there is some rain. Just like during Swedish summers. Warmth, humidity, sun, clouds, heavy rain. I am acclimatizing. The food is wonderful here. I like the spices that remind me of Cajun. The seafood is lovely, and such a fresh salad. No wonder since there is so much sun and rain on the island. The vegetables collect all the sun and turn them into such tasty vitamins and anti-oxidants. A little like Provence in France.

I always find the local newspaper when I travel, and I love this local paper. Such good and interesting writing. In particular the in-depth analysis of what is going on in the world. However, people here are tired of international news since there is a war going on in Ukraine and the Middle East. Nevermind.

I will relax a little from sports while staying here, but walking is fine. Yesterday, I went for a walk and saw two Iguanas. Will show you a photo on Instagram. These two I saw were like small dinosaurs. Very interesting. Remainings from a time that is not understandable.

Tropical Writing & Leisure🍍

Finally, I arrived. I have somehow started to miss writing. Real writing, I mean writing a book. Some years have passed and I have needed that time to reflect, and sometimes really to understand what I have written. Now I have a very clear feeling about my book “Generationer”, and am ready for the next chapter in my life. My writing life.

Right now I am experiencing Swedish summer, but so much more humidity. This island is green and last night there was some heavy rain leading to more humidity today. I got up very early and started with a hot cup of coffee in this very ancient building. President George W. Bush stayed here some years ago. The military has always been more or less present here. When I got on the plane yesterday, the military entered first. Something we are getting used to now in Sweden, I mean, the presence of the military in society.

I will spend these days to collect some new energy. That will absolutely be needed this spring. The last time I was here I went scuba diving. I went for a little walk this morning, and somehow, it is a relaxing feeling to listen to the tubes being filled with air for today’s scuba adventure. There are sharks here, but rather kind sharks I have been told.

Stay safe, and stay tuned 🐾