COVID-19 safety

It is a beautiful day in Stockholm, and I have been off for a long walk for several hours today. Of course, I brought my true friend, my camera. I am very tempted to go running again and I will do that if the weather continues like this. Running is freedom.

Life is up and down –  and it is important to learn how to live with the Corona virus. To not forget social distancing. Wash hands. In a way, social distancing is a form of torture. To not be able to see friends and family. Human beings need love and caring as well as animals do need caring.

I miss sweetie and cutie and I thought of them when I went for a walk. There are a lot of ticks in the forest, and they have their anti-tick medicin now so they are safe. I miss their energy.

Personally, it is important to keep some kind of energy level up and going. Not to slow down life, but at the same time, to think of the devastating Corona virus. How have your daily habits changed after the COVID-19 was introduced?


Monkey see monkey do

Expressions. Literally speaking, expressions are interesting from many aspects and point of views. How to capture a feeling and express this feeling with words. That is difficult and it takes time to learn. To find various words. Different phrases. Literature in a nutshell.

But that is not what I thought about today. My associations that I know many envy – at least within research – because if you don’t have imagination you cannot formulate interesting and new hypothesises. This Corona virus is putting humanity on the edge. Medical politics meets Economical politics. Or perhaps vice versa. Social distancing is very important, and it takes a lot of time before everybody understands this. That infections are very contagious and deadly.

I just wanted to say hi to my dear readers today, and this song is in a way summarizing this moment.



Italian walking 🇮🇹

I have decided that I will walk til the end of May. Perhaps there is a chance then that the Corona virus has stabilised. If you walk fast, you do get good exercise. I like to measure, so I follow my pulse. It is important to get going even though there is virus in the air. As usual at this time of the year, it is beautiful to see flowers growing. That gives energy. What kind of exercise do you prefer?

Summer plans?

Last summer was my very first time in Rome, Italy. I have thought a lot about Italy lately since they have been in focus due to the causes of the Corona virus. People are suffering and people have died. Not only patients, but also medical staff. It is an extraordinary situation. I can only find one positive thing about this virus, and that is that it is global. Everybody has some kind of relation to this Corona virus whether we like it or not. Acceptance is my one and only summary. Various countries are differently affected, and the way of dealing with the Corona virus is also opposing.

As I understand, north part of Italy has a close connection to Asia. Like the ancient silk roads, and maybe that is why Italy is suffering. I was very happy to see Rome, and it also gave my cooking a new touch. Pasta is tasty. No doubt.

I still have a lot to write about Italy. Strange to see the empty roads and squares in the news. Currently, it is impossible to make plans for this summer. I will however focus on exercise. Right now long walks like I did in Rome, but later running in June. I am lucky to have these nice Italian memories. Sharing one of those sweet moments. What is your favourite photo from last summer?