It is Friday and Halloween weekend is approaching. The scary weekend. I just read the newspaper and surprisingly, there is not much written about Halloween, or “Allhelgonahelgen” as it is called in Swedish. Maybe because we don´t really know how to celebrate this weekend because it is turning to a mixture of American and Swedish traditions. Originally, it is a weekend to remember those who has passed away this year and previous years. It is beautiful with candles all over the graveyards. To remember.

There was some written about clowns in the news. That is so scary. Clowns are supposed to be nice but these ones are nasty. I didn´t know that they are in Stockholm. I haven´t seen anyone and I hope they will be nice instead of nasty.

My life right now is very much about tea. I am very happy with the tea I found in Berlin from the highlands in Ceylon. Tea is very interesting. I learnt a lot when I saw the highlands in Malaysia. The production of good tea is very complicated and it takes time. When I have tea, my greatest weakness is that I don´t have much patience. To wait those 3-5 minutes.

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