Rainy day in Stockholm

Today is a rainy day in Stockholm. I have a day off. Maybe I should write that I am single. And have been for some years. Meanwhile, I am writing on my book, waiting for love. A man. I have to get used to the thought that I might be single all my life. Face the truth and facts.

I went for an examination of my eyes today. To see if I can undergo surgery. I was both happy and sad for the results. They cannot do anything about the cornea. However, in a few years I can change lenses. Incredible how techniques develops. I am impressed. Did you know that when it comes to eyes, people are most careful about their eyes, with regard to transplantations. However, that is 20 years old knowledge. Maybe things have changed. Much of a persons soul is connected to the eyes.

I have also written on my book. I write so much about feelings. I don´t know if I dare to publish. I blush!


Lots of love,


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