Rather early morning

Home alone. Breakfast with home made bread (scones) and also a piece of  homemade “sockerkaka”. I choose cereals with care. My goal is to loose some extra kilos. Sockerkaka must be something typical Swedish. A little unhealthy, but sometimes it is good to treat yourself with some sweeties. In Sweden we like “fika”. That means coffee, sweeties and a nice chat. That is really an old tradition.

When I grew up, in the countryside, there were often big gatherings with coffee and “sju sorters kakor”. There was an overflow of cinnamon rolls and cookies. Heaven when you are little. And also many kids to play with.

Yesterday, Sweden lost a member of the Wallenberg family. They have, and still contribute a lot to Sweden.

I will continue with my book today. I write about little things in life. That makes me happy!

Have a nice day!


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