Reflection on the Election

Today I saw some photos from the American election where President Obama meets soon to be President Trump. There will also be a change of Ladies. Probably the most important role. To be honest I thought a lot about black and white today. Long, long time ago I listened to Alannah Myles (Texas). There were no CDs at that time. Only cassettes. My favorite song was Black Velvet.

Currently, there is a lot talk going on in Sweden about the Noble price. Did you know that you can be put into a mental hospital if you believe you will have the Noble price? There are clear medical criteria regarding that. Interesting, I think. So, a lot of talk about Bob Dylan. Maybe that is why I thought of Alannah Myles. Music is so good for well being.

My writing is sometimes very different. Little, every day life happenings. And also my interest regarding what happens in the world. Probably since I have met so many people from all over the world. So I vary music, kitchening, sports, news, my sweeties and traveling. What a mixture. But entertaining I hope.

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