Some reflections before a new week begins

This weekend has been very nice and quite intense. Last time I wrote about how important it is to have a good sparetime. Art is one of my interests as I mentioned. And another interest is to travel. When it was discovered that I have cell changes eleven years ago I didn´t know what to do. And I still don´t know how to live my life. I will never know, I think.

I went on a journey to Cuba. Since I always has been interested in politics, Cuba was a very interesting destination. At that time, Sweden had sold some of governmental pharmacies. Previously owned by the “Staten”. To the best of my knowledge, there are only governmentally owned pharmacies in Sweden, Cuba and North Korea. Sweden has not yet fully let loose all pharmacies. In the aspect of freedom, and freedom of the people I think this is one of the questions that should be highly prioritized. Do we want to live in similar conditions?

I can tell a lot about my journey to Cuba. I don´t really know how I dared to travel alone, but I did. By coincidence I met a very nice couple who told me about “Buena vista social club”. I went to their concert and I met these friends. We danced to the music for a few hours and had very fun together. They were from Chile and Argentina. Teachers on a conference. I don´t know their names, but maybe someone will recognize and get in contact with me.

All for tonight.


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