Right now

Hi there. A while since I saw you. I have read what I wrote last time more than twice because I have needed some time to reflect. This is a painful subject and I suppose many people are affected. And should be. Even though I am not grown up in the north part of Sweden I feel, somehow, connected to this chapter. Weather I like it or not; I am part of that history.

Todays society moves ahead too fast. Change needs time. All people are different and that might be difficult to accept. I like when people are different. To dare to have an opinion but with humbleness. To accept that the opinion might be wrong and that you need to adjust the question and/or the answer by time.

I have taken care of myself today. Now and then I go and treat myself with spa for the face. More than a year ago since I did that last time. f Just to stop for a while. Often I make that at home, but not this time.

I don´t know; but for me “spa” is also to make bread, cookies, other goodies, and of course, to cook. I have a very good paella recipe, in French actually, waiting on my table to be made. It is so boring to eat alone, that is why I haven´t made it yet. But I will, I promise ;-).

Lots of love from Anna


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