Right now

Dear friends. Today has been such a beautiful day. Think I got some tan. Feels like it. Right  now is a very special time of the year. Between winter, spring and summer. One of the very first signs of spring/summer is the appearance of “nässlor” and “rabarber”. Below you have a picture of nässlor. This is rather exotic. You have to be very careful when you pick these green leafs because they can hurt you a lot. When I was little I was always amazed that you could actually make a soup out of these leafs. And, in addition, the soup had a great taste. Very healthy with a lot of iron.

Today is a special day for me because I have left my book to somebody professional to read. I constantly remind myself that it is not a thesis that I write. But, I don´t know why. It feels like it is a thesis. I have been in contact with my previous mentor Professor Jörgen Engel to have his opinion on where to try to publish. It is like a scientific paper. You submit and you will have a yes or no. I like my book a lot. I have put a lot of time and energy to write. And I will continue.

Above is a glimpse of today. I share it with you.


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