Right now.

I am in Uppsala waiting for train departure to Stockholm. Traveling with SL as usual. Rainy and gray day. I have stayed with my parents during the weekend. It has been so nice to take Lady for a walk. Blue sky and cold weather. For every step you take you hear the snow under your feet. December is here. Have you ever noticed what fun it is to see dogs meeting snow? At least the very first time. We also went to the cemetery to give light to some candles. Important to have in mind that life is fragile. I remind myself.

I have also watched slalom and Cross country skiing from St Morris. Charlotte Kalla shows very good skiing. Norway was very strong. Since I skied quite a lot during my adolescence, I like watching championships.

My mother has Alzheimer’s disease, and as you know, this is a rather common disease, an it is a disease that affects family a lot. I would like that my parents can live in our home as long as possible. That is most human. I joined a community that informs families about this complex disease and this fund also support research. Read in the local newspaper this morning that research is making progress.

Being big sister means a lot of responsibility.

I also have to take care of my self. I always try to act as a stewardess like when they inform about flight safety. First you have to help your self, then you can help children and people around you.

So, concerning myself. I have got double messages regarding cancer or not. Tests can be false positive or false negative. Since I am educated in this field, I know that this can be the results. However it is very rare, most methods are reliably and it depends on what method you use. That is why you need to validate a method to find its accuracy.

I saw Marie Fredriksson, half of Roxette, on TV. From what I can see I understand she has suffered during a lot of years due to a cancer diagnosis.

I know exactly how she feels to have cancer. And I know how it feels to hear that you don’t have cancer. It takes time to understand.

People are different. Some get happy directly after a such a relief. Some people, like me, needs time to reflect and let the information slowly reach the conciosness. People are different, please understand, and try to slowly accept that.

Pscycoimmuniology is a very interesting new field of research, and knowledge is difficult to prove. In brief, it is you attitude affecting how you feel. Saw they have started a research group in Lund. My attitude today is to believe that I am perfectly well.

I know that I need to loose weight because that is for sure that it decreases quality of well being. Since I soon turn 40, I know that the risk for health problems is increasing. But if I start to think “beach 2014” I have a realistic goal.

I am very happy if you leave some comments. What is you life philosophy? This is a site for freedom of speech. What you should have in mind is that it is very important to have a polite and respectful tone when you make comments. Then you will get nice answers back and a discussion, rather than a fight, can be held. Let’s remember politeness.

Have a wonderful Sunday,


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