That is what these “middle days” are called in Norway. Will just write a little something. Good to have a few days off for recovery. Lucky me. Weather is good so I have been off for walks every day. I have my track about 8-9 kilometers, I think.

Now is the time for reflection. Reflection before New Years Eve. How has your year been? Are you happy? Will you keep any promises for next year? Personally, I have worked a lot this year. I have been writing a lot and I am very happy about that even though it has been many hours of work. So, holiday is very good. You deserve holiday! Read in the news today about “tryckfrihet” in Sweden. From what I understand, it has been a dark year.

I met these beautiful horses today. Or, to be honest, I have met them a lot of times. They are so cool. I though of the song “När juldagsmorgon glimmar, jag vill till…” when I saw them. Sweet horses (islandshästar), with their “tölt”.


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