Runners addict?

It is well known that you stimulate the brain reward system when you exercise. Endorphins. Various kinds. The bodie´s own morphine. But to be honest, I don´t feel anything except some form of wellbeing and also the fact that I burn calories. That makes me feel good. I suppose since I live alone it gives me satisfaction by staying in good health. Maybe that is of some support to other women also living alone waiting for true love.

One of my interests in life is to catch moments in life. That is sometimes difficult. This evening was so beautiful. I don´t run fast, but I feel pleasure by watching the beauty of nature even though I am in the middle of Stockholm. Since there was dusk I did not get so sharp pictures, I share these pictures with you. There are some willow trees where I run (photo below) and these trees have salicylic acid. That is a rather old medical tradition to use the active substance from the bark. It is very effective for various conditions such as muscle pain, headache and inflammation. Nature support human beings with a lot of drugs.

I have been focusing a lot on Hässelbyloppet. I like exercising so this vacation has been totally dedicated to sport and writing. Favorite interests in life.

Wishing you a pleasant evening!


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