Running is my life right now. Whenever I get an occation I run. It is really challenging since there is snow and ice on the roads. In addition, it gets dark early in the afternoon. Today was so good. Such beautiful weather. I have some photos on Instagram. Snow and blue sky! And sweetie.

It is, so called, sportlov in Sweden right now so I saw a lot of skiers on the train to Stockholm tonight. I also watched TV today and saw some skiing from Holmenkollen in Oslo. It is true, watching sports give more energy than watching news. I think there should be both good and bad news, not only bad news all the time.

A lot of focus has been on Olof Palme today. It is 30 years since he was murdered. Investigations are still open even though it is such a long time ago. I remember that day and I remember Hans Holmér leading the investigation. Tonight I will read what Dagens Nyheter has to say about this.


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