I have had a good and inspiring day. Since I am looking for inspiration I am happy that I got new energy today. Most probably, I am exhausted after writing. It was like a big exam for me. But I am not tired of writing so I will continue. I just need imagination and new ideas. I am thinking of writing a novel. A short story. I will also continue with more poems and also to write a new book. I liked the characters so much so I will continue to follow their lives. They asked so many questions so maybe I should try to answer them in the next book.

In a way, it feels funny to make up their lives. Maybe adventure. Travelling. I don´t know. Since I am waiting for right inspiration to write I try to find photos. Moments in life with some kind of feeling. The creative spirit will always be there.

When I walked this afternoon I suddenly turned my head and saw this sport place. The shadow was so attractive in a way. Thought about auntie yesterday, so maybe that is why I saw this American sport area. I like the reflection of the shadow.

Bon weekend,



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